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No Sinner (Van) with The Northern Coast and The Heirlooms


The Palomino Smokehouse and Social Club
109 7th Avenue SW T2P 0W5 Calgary Canada
No Sinner (Van) with The Northern Coast and Guests

Where: Palomino Smokehouse and Social Club
109 7 Avenue S.W Calgary
When: Saturday June 4th, 2016
Doors: 9:00pm
Admission: $10.00 advance. Available at https://slothrecords.wordpress.com/

No Sinner

No Sinner’s “Boo Hoo Hoo” was a classic debut album experience from Vancouver’s powerhouse frontwoman Colleen Rennison. The sound of a young singer’s first foray into the rock’n’roll boys club. The result of years spent fronting cover bands with players 10 years her senior, writing with musicians more seasoned and eager to give direction. “Boo Hoo Hoo” was raucous, rowdy and filled with soul and danger. It was the sound of youth careening into the adventure of life with all the screaming tires and heartache yet to come down the road. It was the sound of a wild haired girl riding into the horizon on the back of her boyfriend’s motorcycle.

On “Old Habits Die Hard,” Colleen isn’t sitting on the back of the motorcycle anymore. She’s barrelling down the highway, her grip on the throttle, and you better believe you’re going to hear her coming from miles away.

There’s a reason behind the acclaim that met No Sinner following their debut release via Mascot Label Group. Classic Rock Magazine called Colleen, “an early contender for ball-breaking warrior princess of 2014″ and Blues & Soul wrote, “No Sinner are a super duper, great big fat, rare gem of a find.” Their teeth-gritted brand of blues and rock brought the young band to showcases at SXSW, European tours, performances on BBC Radio 2 and club shows with Reignwolf, Bass Drum of Death and Monster Truck. Noisey: Music ByVice exclaimed the band “oozes sex appeal.”

No Sinner isn’t Colleen’s first experience in the spotlight either. She pursued acting first, landing supporting roles in Sci-Fi shows and major Hollywood films starring such A-listers as Ray Liotta, Michelle Pfeiffer and Bruce Willis. But seizing the spotlight with a microphone never left her mind. It’s why Rennison would hold notes for far too long in music class, why she’d sing in the middle of a soccer field when she was supposed to keep someone from scoring, and why she ended up running away from boarding school and sneaking into open mic nights when she was 15.

Now, with all the experiences of the road, tour vans, cheap hotels and a hundred booze stained bars behind them, No Sinner is emerging as a fully realized rock’n’roll band with Colleen fearlessly at the helm.

On “Old Habits Die Hard” the band comes howling out of the gates. Screaming harmonica over a churning rhythm section set the pace on the track Leadfoot, as Colleen snarls “You are mine. For the taking.”

Colleen isn’t afraid to eschew the stereotypes behind being frontwoman either. “Janis Joplin and Etta James are such an easy comparison,” she explains, “but I’m doing Robert Plant up there too. Its a bit of an androgynous album—a rock ‘n’ roll odyssey through heartbreak and debauchery, good times and bad.”

It’s a theme that runs through the album. Blurring the lines between good and evil, man or woman, saint or sinner. No Sinner uses rock’n’roll to pummel through the walls of societal norms. As Colleen explains “I live and breathe rock ‘n’ roll. It’s a disease to want to push the envelope, to be an enemy to yourself at times, to want so much from the world that sometimes you can’t even stand to be in it. I never really felt like I belonged anywhere, and then I found the people that felt like me, that woke up every morning with a hole in their heart that can only be filled by music.”

“Old Habits Die Hard” is a more accurate portrayal of where Rennison’s head is at now than the songs on Boo Hoo Hoo. Or as she puts it, “It’s like the difference between your high school grad photo and your first mug shot.”

She brings it all home on the track “Saturday Night.” “Tell you once babe, I’ll tell you twice, I’ve got more to give than sugar and spice.”


The Northern Coast

"The Northern Coast was formed in the early spring of 2014, and started as the brain child of Arron Crook. In the spring of 2015, with the partnership of the fuzz laden guitar of Hunter Hansen and the thumping drums of Dustin Herrit, the sound became what it is today.

The Northern Coast is a heavy folk/blues, vocal driven band. They use the harsh Canadian environment and the life that comes as a result as their muse.Through folk roots and blaring blues riffs a heartbeat of thumping sound will grab you by the heartstrings. From songs like the fuzz-induced, stomp-charged " Marlboro Reds", to the cheeky anti-love song "Fickle", with it's contradiction laced lyrics, you wont want to miss a verse of these songs.

Since the formation of the group , they have been making a number of appearances in Alberta and Western Canada in preparation for their very first studio recording together, due out this Winter." -

The Heirlooms

The Heirlooms is an up-and-coming, five piece group of groove induced youngsters that formed in early January of 2015.
Their music has been described as "a kaleidoscopic patchwork of intelligent and emotional brilliance"-Mark Steele of Sound Blab UK.They have a second album titled 'Ma-Me-O Beach' set to release in early March of 2016.
Not yet a year from the release of their first album 'These Days Too Shall Pass' which was released in July of 2015.
After three members moved to Calgary from High River AB to further pursue musical careers they were heavily supported by many well established local bands and venues.
Eventually coming to join Fossil Records with the intention of furthering Calgary in becoming a prolific and influential arts community in Canada.
They have played various venues in cities across Alberta and are in the midst of booking their first tour in 2016.